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Thanksgiving Food for Thought?

Have you ever stopped to consider the nutrition and calories in an average Thanksgiving dinner?  Thanksgiving is a few weeks away yet there’s time to prepare for healthy yet delicious alternatives.   Awareness and preparation are important to give thanks for a healthy Thanksgiving dinner.  Halloween just passed, however, check out some scary nutritional information as you plan for your Thanksgiving dinner:

The average Thanksgiving meal:

12 ounces of turkey (combination of light & dark meat)
1 cup of mashed potatoes
1 cup of cornbread stuffing
6 ounce serving of green bean casserole
½ cup of turkey gravy
2 tablespoons cranberry sauce
2 honey wheat rolls w/1 pat butter on each roll
1 piece traditional pumpkin pie (without whipped cream)

Nutritional information:
2,558 calories.
135.8 grams protein
108.7 grams fat
286.4 grams carbs

Yes, Thanksgiving is only one time a year.  Yet, as you are changing your lifestyle, and making weight loss and maintenance a priority in your life, do you want to allow one day to impede your progress and detour your goals? 

Thanksgiving is full of traditions.  Start a new tradition this year to make slight changes and alternatives in your Thanksgiving meal choices.  As others are sleeping off their 2,500 plus calorie-laden meal, you can take a walk with your family and friends.  Sharing this time together in a tradition of Thanksgiving gives thanks for the bonds you share. 

Spend your Thanksgiving Day giving thanks for the bountiful blessings in your life that you enjoy all year long rather than sleep off the remnants of your Thanksgiving meal.

All the best,

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