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The Four “C”s of Weight Loss Success

There are four “C”s that are the foundation for your success at losing weight. 

1.  Control = We cannot control other people, situations, or other external circumstances.  The only thing we can control is ourselves.  We can control our behavior, our reactions, our attitudes, thoughts, and manage our life with the best self-control that we can.  Rather than eat out of control over something externally out of our control, we can stay in control!   When we stay in control by following our own healthy program we’ve created in our coaching sessions, we build on those successes and staying in control gets easier and easier, and becomes second nature.  Rather than reaching for food, we automatically stay in control by using our powerful self-control.

2.  Commitment = We are committed to our families, our significant other, our children, our friends, our jobs, and the many roles in our lives.  We value our numerous commitments to our church, school, volunteer positions, community responsibilities, and other areas in our life we give of ourselves.  The most important commitment we make is the one we make to ourselves in following our healthy lifestyle.  Without honoring the commitment to ourselves, the other commitments are not as fulfilling and meaningful.   We need to place the highest level of commitment to ourselves and our valued health first and foremost. 

3.  Choice = Everyone wants choices.  Personal empowerment begins with choice.  Rather than feel restricted or deprived, give yourself the gift of choice.  Consider this:

     “No, you cannot eat the cookie or bag of chips because they are not healthy and not on your eating program.”  
     “Yes, you could choose to eat the cookie or bag of chips or you could choose to stay strong and in control by following your eating program.” 

Which way of considering to eat the cookie or bag of chips makes you feel strong and empowered?  The first statement makes the decision for you and takes away your power.  However, the second statement acknowledges your power of choice and leaves the choice up to you.  You can, and the majority of time you will, make the choice that serves your best interests.  Whether we are 3 or 93, we want the power of choice.  By giving yourself the power of choice, you will begin to trust yourself more and more to make the best choices.  Why turn over the power of your choice to a diet program when you can trust yourself to do the right thing for YOU. 

4.  Consistency = Just as we didn’t gain 20, 50, 100 or more pounds overnight, we aren’t going to lose that amount of weight overnight either.  What we do consistently determines our success.  As stated by Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”  Stay true to your healthy eating and program of exercise.  Practice your habit of health even during times you may not feel like it or want to.  Consistency is to get started and stay moving forward on the path of your goal of weight loss success.  It is taking small steps day in, day out and before you know it, just by staying consistent, you are at your dream of your goal.

Would you like a beam of reinforcement for your solid foundation?  There are another couple of “C”s you could use as additional strength.  By adding Coaching with Cathy for your weight loss success, you can enhance your momentum further and create an even stronger foundation. 

By building a foundation of weight loss success with the Four “C”s, you will have a solid base.  Make sure to incorporate all four (and include the beam of reinforcement) to keep them strong to maintain your weight loss success.

All the best,

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