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The Smallest Winners (The Biggest Loser)

I’ll admit it – I like The Biggest Loser show.  I know it is controversial as far as the format of the show.  I have someone close to me that teases me for watching it and liking it so much.

What I love to see in The Biggest Loser or any other type of show like that is watching people triumph over challenges.  All of us have done the exact same thing in our decision to have surgery to overcome our morbid obesity and live a healthy life.  

The reason I love being a support group leader and a weight loss life coach is getting to be part of members’ and clients’ journey.  I am inspired time and time again at the courage and motivation each of us shows in our journey to health.

We just don’t have a camera in our face as we do it.  We are The Smallest Winners!

Believe In Yourself,

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