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Top 10 Ways and Reasons to Say THANK YOU!

I believe it is important to express our gratitude for the many people and blessings in our daily lives.  From saying thank you to the clerk at the store to our friends for the difference they make in our lives and, of course, to our family members that we share our history, create memories, and allow us the opportunity to love and be loved by them.

Sure, when you receive a gift or an item, it is appropriate to say “thank you.”  This year, with the financial ups/downs and uncertainties, we are reminded that gratitude is more than about “stuff” but about the blessings of life.

1.  Say “THANK YOU” as appropriate.  Look for situations to say thank you.  When someone lets you into the line of traffic, wave thank you.  Whenever an opportunity arises from a friend or family member, don’t take it for granted but tell them a great big thank you with gratitude.

2. Write a Thank-You note or e-mail.  Write it down.  Put your words of thanks into a written form.  Spur of the moment, pop off an e-mail thanking someone for just being in your life.

3. Tell people what they mean to you.  We go through our lives assuming that people know how much they mean to you.  They may know but they may not.  Regardless it is wonderful to express your sentiments AND to be on the receiving end.  Do not let an opportunity go by to tell someone what they mean to you personally and/or professionally.  Let people know how they make a difference in your life.

4. Perform a Random-Act-of-Kindness.  When I’m on a toll bridge or walking along the sidewalk with parking meters, I love to pay the way for a complete stranger.  It makes me feel so happy to do something unexpected and a complete surprise for someone I don’t know and just out of the blue.  Try it.  Do it anonymously, do something outrageously kind or generous for someone else.  Never tell.

5. Create a ritual every day that expresses gratitude.  Keep a gratitude journal that you write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for each day.  ther ways are to light a candle, express to another person your gratitude, say a prayer or observe a period of silence, or any other way that allows you to pour the appreciation you feel in your heart.

6. Make a date.  Make a date with a friend, your partner, or your kids.  Take a day and dedicate it to that person.  Have fun, create special times together.

7.  Enjoy nature.  Drink it in.  Go outside and deeply listen.  Watch the birds, observe the trees rustling, and enjoy nature.  Appreciate the richness of nature.

8.  Give away all you no longer need.  In the current economy, be generous to yourself and to others.  By clearing out stuff in your home, you give yourself the gift of living more simply and quiet without the noise of clutter.  You give to others that would value and appreciate the items you donated and no longer need.  It will also give you an appreciation of all that you do have.

9.  Do something for someone.  If you have a friend that is especially busy or under the weather, run some errands for them, pick up their children from school or take them for the day.  Give someone the gift of your time and energy in taking care of something that would normally fall on them to do.

10.  Say Thank You and Mean It.  Take on the attitude of gratitude.  When you come from a place of gratitude within yourself, saying thank you truly means something.  ‘Thank you’ can sometimes take on the same worn familiarity as your most comfy jeans and sneakers and lose it’s true value.  Pay more attention as you say it and really mean it.

These are just some ideas to get you going in the direction of gratitude.  Gratitude at Thanksgiving, during the holidays and into your every day routine.  Despite any problems you may have, you can always find something to be grateful for.  All of us have so many blessings in our lives.  Living with an attitude of gratitude is living.  It is Thanksgiving every day of the year.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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