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Valentine’s Day Gift of Yourself to You

I was shopping last weekend for a couple of Valentine’s Day gifts for my sons.  My husband asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day.  I started thinking about what I wanted that he could give to me.  Actually, what I decided was to give a gift to myself.

I have a program on my computer called “Life Journal” that is great.  I decided that I am going to give myself for Valentine’s Day some questions to answer and then reflect back on my answers next Valentine’s Day.  This will allow me to appreciate how far I’ve come in a year and to provide some important self-reflections to enjoy now and next Valentine’s Day.

So many of us go through our lives just getting by.  We think the title of spouse/partner, parent, sibling, daughter/son, supervisor, employee, or the many other hats we wear as who we are.  Not!  When you have an idea of who you are, what is important to you and a better understanding of yourself, you are happier and more fulfilled.

Think of this time of self-reflections as a special Valentine’s Day gift to yourself.  Take the time out of your busy life to reflect on who you are and what you want is one of the key ways that we influence the direction of our lives.  To make it easier, you could break the questions down into five different parts and complete in one day or on different days.  The important thing is to do it!  You’ll be glad you made the investment in yourself.

1.  Finish the following fill-in-the-blank sentences with at least ten answers for each one:

I am
I will not
I would like
I will
I love
I hate

2.  What advice would you give yourself at this time in your life?  What advice right now as an adult would you give yourself as a child?

3.  Imagine you were interviewing “you” and answer the following questions:

* What are three main choices have you made that have brought you to where you are right now in your life?
* As you look back on your life, what three things do you wish you had done?
* As you look into your future, what are three things you want to do?
* List 10 words that best describe you.  As you review those words, what do they collectively say about you?
* What are you most proud of in your life?

4.  Complete the following list:

* List three internal changes you’ll need to make to live a more meaningful life.
* List three external changes you’ll need to make to live a more meaningful life.
* List three positive qualities that you are most proud of in yourself.
* List three qualities that you’d like to develop.

5.  If you could achieve five goals or dreams this year, what would they be?

After you’ve completed the above, tuck your answers away and make a reminder to yourself for next Valentine’s Day to pull them out and read.  You can see your own personal growth and changes you’ve made over a short period of time in a year.

By the way, I completed getting a couple of things for my sons.  For my Valentine’s Day gift, I told my husband I wanted to go to lunch, take a walk and see a movie together as a family.  I can see growth in myself from that choice.  I used to want things and now I want experiences and memories.  The things don’t stay with you as long as the experiences, memories and self-reflection exercise above.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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