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Want To Get Rich Quick? You Already Are…Count Your Blessings!

“Get rich quick!  Count your blessings!”  -Anonymous

Recently, I woke up early in the morning because I couldn’t sleep. You know, one of those nights where you solve the world’s problems and everything else too. I was channel surfing for something to watch other than infomercials. The main ones were how to lose weight easily and overnight (LOL!!) and how to get rich without working and overnight.  In the matter of an hour and with my credit card, I could have purchased items that would allow me to lose as much weight as I wanted in 30 days and be rich within the same 30 days.  Both would be effortless by buying their products.  Yeah, right…..NOT! 

I saw this quote after seeing all those ridiculous informercials. I doubt we’ll see an infomercial based this quote.  It wouldn’t make as much money for someone.  However, it is so true.  Real riches don’t come from money or material items.  The real riches of your life are within you, in your family, friends, and the wonderful qualities that make you the person that you are.   The stock market and value of the dollar are fluid and go up/down.  Monetary investments are transitional too.  However, the investment you make in yourself, your health, (whether by coaching or self-improvement work on your own) and with those you value in your life are the best investments you can ever make. 

Very true….for true riches, the real riches of your life, count your blessings!

Believe In Yourself,

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