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Weight Loss Purpose Statement-Part 1.

As I posted yesterday, I’m trying something new.  Since I’m the CEO, boss of my life, I’m creating my own weight loss purpose statement just like successful businesses and corporations have.  When I’m doing the yes/no for food triggers and emotional eating, a statement that I can remember and say to myself that keeps me focused on my reasons to lose and maintain my weight – beyond the scale.

I don’t know about all of you but when I’m triggered, my rational thinking isn’t readily accessible.  So many times it is the reasons and rationalizations as to why to indulge rather than the more important, meaningful reasons NOT to indulge.  Thus, my weight loss purpose statement project. 

From working in law firms, medical practices and hospitals, I know how much thought and consideration is given to creating a vision and mission statement.  Since this is equally, if not more important, I am giving the same time, thought and consideration to my own statement.  If you’re doing this with me or have some thoughts you’d like to share, please feel free to comment or send me a private communication.  I’d appreciate any input you have since I’m winging it here to create my statement.

In my foundational formal coach training class, the Inside Out section, I listed words that were meaningful to me.  It was an amazing process so I’m going to apply some of that to my statement project along with my past professional management experience in creating vision and mission statements for places I’ve worked.  For today, I’m going to list some words and phrases that describe how emotional eating and being off track impact me.  If you have any others, please let me know.

* Numb
* Checked out
* Drugged
* Use as an escape
* Altered mood
* Distracted from emotion or upsetting situation
* Desparate
* Tunnel vision as to what to eat next
* Unmotivated
* Shut down
* Uninterested in anything
* Weak, vulnerable
* Victim
* Searching for food item (really, searching for something not found in food)
* Empty
* Needy
* Tired, sleepy
* Feel like a lump
* Disappointed in myself
* Scared
* Disgusted
* Food fixated, food focused
* Want to isolate and eat/sleep (ultimate escape!)
* No different than a hard core addict deep in their substance
* Going unconscious
* To forget _____ (fill in the blank, including myself)
* Gross!

Wow, that was difficult to think about that mindset much less write about it and then make it public for anyone and everyone to see.  I believe in this project for myself and want to share it.  If it helps anyone else besides myself, it is worth putting myself out there like this. 

As I read over this list, ICK.  Why would anyone want to put themselves in that mindset over one or a couple of those in my list?  Yet, time and time again, I/many of us do.

For tomorrow, the one I’m looking forward to the most, I will make another list as to how I feel when I am on track and living my healthy habits.

Believe In Yourself,
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator


  1. I think this is an incredible idea – thanks.

  2. Hi Cyn – Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m glad you like the idea of a Weight Loss Purpose Statement. I’m working on it and giving LOTS of thought to it. I appreciate your support.

    Best regards, Cathy

  3. Thank you for creating this blog! Four more words that I thought of to add to the impact of emotional eating are feeling ashamed, angry, hopeless, and out of control.

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