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Weight Loss Purpose Statement-Part 2.

Creating my own Weight Loss Purpose Statement has been a very interesting process.  Yesterday when I posted the words and phrases that describe how I feel when I am off track and not making the best choices, it was difficult.  I kept adding to the list yesterday as more things came to mind.  Today as I review the post and list, ICK!  Why in the world would anyone want to feel and experience any of those things I put on the list??  Yet, from time to time, I do.  I think this is more of a reason to create a Weight Loss Purpose Statement.  When I’m eyeball to eyeball with the the fridge or driving by Krispy Kreme, I can say my Weight Loss Purpose Statement to remind me and bring me back to staying on track.

For today, I am going to list the feelings and experiences I have when I am on track with clean eating and exercise.  I tell you, I have been looking forward to making this list.  A lot better than the one from yesterday.  However, the list yesterday was very important so I can review it as a reminder of what I will feel and don’t want to feel just for the temporary, fleeting food fix.

How I feel when I am on track:

* Strong (inside and out)
* In control (rather than food choices controlling me)
* More than any emotions or situation that can occur
* In charge
* Rock solid
* Present in my life
* Much better mood
* Think clearer
* More able to deal with emotions and situations that arise in a healthy way
* Grounded
* Centered
* Rather than tunnel vision of what I will eat next, I expand myself to enjoy the big and little things such as enjoying my dog sitting on my lap
* Nurtured
* Loving and accepting of myself
* Interested and excited about myself, my life and my day
* Blinders on in that I am looking ahead, full steam rather than distracted by food and my next fix
* Connected to myself and others
* Deep
* Insightful
* Happy and content
* Calm
* Capable
* Thriving
* Growing inside
* Peaceful
* Living in “zoom out” mode to include my interests and passions rather than “zoom in” with single focus on food (what I want to eat next)
* Proud
* Steady and firm
* Positive, optimistic and able to handle whatever comes my way
* Things will happen outside of me but it is up to me how I react and handle and also up to me what I put in my mouth!

I want to get this posted but I am going to add to it throughout the next few days.  This piece of my Weight Loss Purpose Statement is so important that I want to give it considerable thought.

If you have any comments or additions you would like to share, please do.  Like I said before, I’m winging this and any input you have is greatly appreciated.

Believe In Yourself,
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator


  1. And don’t forget…SEXY!! 😉

  2. I love this idea of writing a Weight Loss Purpose Statement. Thanks for all your encouragment and help. You are appreciated.

  3. Hi Ann – Thanks for your reply and being part of my blog. I appreciate you.

    Warmly, Cathy

  4. …and Motivated, Active, and Excited about life!

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