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Weight Loss Purpose Statement-Part 4, See It to Be it!

The next part of my Weight Loss Purpose Statement is to expand on my answer #2 to the post in Part 3 below.  #2 is:

2.   To live a healthy, active life to be with my husband and sons.  To see my kids graduate, get married and have grandkids.

I want to live a long and healthy life.  I don’t want to be limited by excess weight and all the co-morbid conditions or even the aches and pains that occur due to age and excess weight.  Even as my sons grow up, I still want to be an active and vivacious person that is not limited by any physical challenges.  Is the temporary food fix of a cookie, chips or any unhealthy choice worth jeopardizing my health?  No, absolutely not.  Will a cookie or chips compromise my long-term health?  Unfortunately, yes.

I am a pretty black and white eater.  1 is too many and 1,000 is not enough when it comes to my trigger foods.  I know some people can eat treats and even trigger foods in moderation.  I know that I am not one of those people most of the time.  It may come from my career dieting days but for the most part, I know my triggers and I avoid them.  There are some times that I can eat trigger foods in moderation but it isn’t worth the risk.  A simple eating episode can turn into days, weeks, months or longer.  So yes, I avoid my trigger foods.  I don’t consider it a limitation.  All of us have strengths and weaknesses.  Certain trigger foods for me are a weakness and it is a strength that I know what they are and how to handle them.

For my answer to #2, I’ve thought ahead – how do I see myself in a year, in five years, and 10 years and beyond?  What do I need to do to make how I see myself a reality?

ONE YEAR:  In a year, I see myself doing essentially what I’m already doing.  I have a herniated disc in my neck that is quite painful at times.  It has been a struggle since it happened.  It has limited some of my activity that I previously did.  It can set me back in my activity level for no reason.  It is a limitation that I am not happy about but one that I know I need to be mindful of.  My “vision” of myself in one year is pretty much doing what I do now.  Goal:  Continue what I’m doing, eat more of the rainbow of colors in my food of vegetables and fruit, continue/increase my activity as I am able physically.

FIVE YEARS:  My kids will be approaching “that age” of being able to be on their own.  I have loved raising my kids.  The thought of being an empty nester is sad for me, however, I know an eventual reality.  I know that the upcoming years as this occur will be a difficult time for me.  As they grow, the possibility of marriage for them and additions to our family are happy for me.  I see myself focusing on my health even more in what I eat and my activity.  Develop some back-burner “some day” interests with “some day” being during this time period.  Goal:  Go with the flow of transition times with my sons.  Continue to focus on my nutrition, activity, and pursue those “some day” interests and things I’ve always wanted to do.

TEN YEARS:  Ugh!  10 years?!  I will hopefully have grandchildren to play with, spoil and be involved in their lives.  As my kids continue to grow and change, so will I.  My “growth” will include having my health be of even more importance and a focus.  I’ll have to give this more thought and add to this portion.

Notice the common thread of all of these?  It is on my health, nutrition and activity.  Not in a losing weight way but for the purpose of living my best life.  Being there with my husband and for my kids and their future families is of utmost importance.  I can’t do that if I’m making unhealthy choices today, carrying around excess weight that limits me and compromises my health.  The choices I make today impact the life I have tomorrow and beyond.

Believe In Yourself,
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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