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What Plays In Your Head?

I heard a song on the radio last week that played over and over and over in my head the entire day.  Thankfully, it was an upbeat, fun song that I like.  It helped to create an upbeat, motivating day.   Music is such a powerful tool.   The songs in your head can affect the way you feel – so, you make the choice.  Successful weight loss and maintenance are about discovering tools that are motivating to you, and to create your own toolbox.  

I downloaded some songs on a cd that are my favorites yet have the same theme of being motivating and inspiring to me.  When I’m feeling low on energy, having a bad day, working out, or want an extra shot of “umpf” for the day, I’ve listened to it.  It really sets a tone and pace for the day that I love.  Create your own personal cd tool.  It is a great one!

Believe In Yourself,

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