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What’s Your Focus For The Holidays?

Are the holidays really about food?  You no longer have to spend your holidays filled with what you get to eat, what you want to eat, avoid eating or dieting on January 1st.  That is so joyous and wonderful!  Your holidays take on an entire new perspective without the center being around food.  You’ve changed your lifestyle and priorities since embracing a healthy lifestyle.  Spend the holidays with people you love, and allow your relationships with those people be the center of your holiday and not food.

Candles Purposefully, decide what the holiday season means to YOU.  Pause for a moment and look inside yourself.  Define the holidays in the way that is meaningful to you.  Create your own traditions that reflect your values and priorities in your life.  The holidays can be spent without focusing on food.  The temporary satisfaction of eating holiday treats doesn’t compare with the true, deep satisfaction of spending the holidays with those you love. 

Put the focus on you, enjoy the gift of your health, and your relationships with family and friends.  That’s the very best and most long-lasting holiday celebration of all.

Believe In Yourself,

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