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Who Are You Feeding?

When you eat when you aren’t hungry, have you ever stopped to think who it is you’re feeding?  Many of us feed ourselves based on an emotional need, even when the emotions are negative or positive.  When we are emotionally eating, it is usualy something quick, easy, and pre-made, pre-packed or requires very little preparation other than opening a box or wrapper.  Anything especially sugary, salty, or crunchy are the favorite fixes.  We are feeding ourselves quick fixes that usually have little or no nutrition, and we’re eating when we are in a mode of emotional unbalance and hunger isn’t the issue.  We’re caught in old patterns of mindless, compulsive emotional overeating.  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “Who are you feeding?”  This pause and awareness is important in overcoming mindless and compulsive emotional overeating.

You’ve eaten dinner and are physically satisfied from your meal.  Yet,  before you know it, not hungry, you are walking into the kitchen to eat a piece of cake, ask yourself “Who am I feeding?”  Maybe ask yourself how your body will feel after you’ve eaten the cake.  You know that you’ll be uncomfortable, overfull, and remorseful that you’ve eaten the cake.  Is the few seconds of temporary pleasure worth the discomfort to your body and emotional regret?   Is it worth it?  It really isn’t about the cake.  It is about awareness.  The key is to be aware of your actions and acknowledge how a particular food choice will “feed” you.   If you stop and ask yourself to get in touch with who you are really needing to feed, it becomes easier.  Are you feeding an emotion, anger, or the scared part of yourself?  You become more in touch with your emotions and what you really need and what emotion you’re feeding.  With practice, it becomes a habit to check in with yourself on a regular basis.

The next time you find yourself on your way to emotional eating, stop and ask yourself “Who am I feeding?”  Wait for the honest answer that is inside you.

Believe In Yourself,

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