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Wii Fit = Fun!

For Christmas, I received a Wii Fit.  My husband stood out in subdegree temperatures at 6:00 a.m. in the morning on a Sunday morning to get us one of the very limited quantity a popular store was putting out.  Awh..!  It is so much fun.  This special gift combines a few of the things that are priorities to me – family and fitness.

I’ve been under the weather on/off since receiving it so I’m in the beginning of learning about it.  If you are active and extremely fit, the reviews say that the Wii Fit won’t be challenging enough for you.  From my period of inactivity with my herniated disc in my neck, I’ve been physically limited.  So, for right now where I’m at in my activity level, Wii Fit is great.  It is so much fun!

There are four different categories – Yoga, Strength Training. Balance and Cardio.  It reads your weight, bmi and gives you progress on both along with your center of balance and other important physical factors.  So far, I’ve done Balance and Cardio.  There is a Step program that I love.  I’ve progressed already to the Advanced Step and Free Step because I played it so much.

The best part is that I get to enjoy it with my family.  My sons and I have a competition as to our standings in the various areas.  I’m better at the Step than they are, they are better at the skiing Balance and on others we are neck and neck.  There’s a lot of hooping, hollering, yelling, clapping and cheering going on when we play together.  It is so much fun (oops, I already said that, huh?).

While you may not be able to train for a marathon race with the Wii Fit, you will get in activity and movement into your day.  Rather than watch television or a dvd, we were using Wii Fit and having a blast.  I fight the sedentary zoning out of many video and computer games.  Not so with the Wii Fit.  My sons love it so much and playing with me that they start early in the day asking if we are going to Wii Fit sometime today.  While neither one of them have a weight problem, I worry because obesity runs in both sides of their family.  I look for ways to make sure they are active and have a positive attitude about being active.  I think I’ve found an important tool to use in my quest to make sure they enjoy activity.

I have a problem staying motivated with my exercise and activity.  I find myself thinking about when I’m going to “get” (rather than “have to”) do the Wii Fit.  It brings out the natural competitive streak in us even if it is bettering our own scores and time.  While we just started with our Wii Fit, I can see that my motivation will be kept up easier due to the fun nature of what you get to do and increasing your own scores.  Of course, it also helps to see that I can beat my 13 and 10 year old sons!!

Getting and staying fit, having fun, and enjoying quality family time – the Wii Fit gets my all-around vote.  I’m hooked already!

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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