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Workout & Family Time=Winning Combination

Life is busy.  When we get home from work, school, or an entire day with a full list of things to do, we are tired.  By the time we’re home, we need to eat dinner, homework, baths, laundry, dishes, and then a workout?  Who has the time for exercise?  All of us if we make our health a priority in our lives and for our families.  We lead busy lives so it is difficult to find the time to work out, however, it is a choice we make.  It can be challenging to motivate ourselves to drive to the park, or even get up from a comfortable chair to go outside.  Make activity a habit and it becomes just part of your daily routine.  It is hard to find the energy to work out, however, funny thing – working out increases your energy. 

Workouts don’t necessarily mean going to the gym and taking time away from your family.  Make it a family activity.  Take walks together, ride bikes, jump on the trampoline, go to the nearest community center and shoot hoops, or any activity and movement counts.  Not only are you improving your health and increasing your energy level, you are a role model for your children. 

Combine activity and family time for a win/win in all ways.  Make it fun.  Your body will get stronger and your family bonds will too.

All the best,

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