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As if it couldn’t get worse….it does

Pre-op, Krispy Kremes were my thing. I loved them.  I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I could down an entire dozen easily in a day. I can’t believe it but it is true.

Now, post-op, I’d like to tell you that a KK (I’m on such friendly terms with them that I’ve given them a pet name of KK!!) has not crossed my lips but it has.  In fact, multiple KKs have.  I have a long-standing love/hate relationship with KK’s.  I love them but want to hate them.  I must admit that these images I’ve shared in this post help me with the “hate” part of my relationship with them.  Even I have to admit they are gross here!!

Now being more health conscious and incorporating healthy habits in my life, I am more respectful of what I eat.  As we all know, Krispy Kremes are NOT a healthy choice……fat and sugar. That’s it.  Nothing more.  I might as well sit down to a dish of lard with sugar poured on top.  I’m going to try to imagine that the next time I drive by my friendly KK!

Check this out……as if it couldn’t get worse:

Krispy Kreme bacon cheddar cheeseburgers

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach

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