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Yeah, But…..

Do you hear yourself say “yeah, but…..” when considering a solution to a problem or issue?  I would have said that I didn’t, however, my own coach pointed out to me during a coaching session that I did!!  That’s what I love about coaching, all those “ah ha” parts of yourself that you discover.

The “yeah” pushes us forward toward our passion or to make changes; the “but” stops us in our tracks.  Yeah-but prefaces infinite justifications for avoiding things our hearts desire.

Try this:  The next time you hear yourself say “Yeah, but…,” ask yourself if you’re describing a genuine obstacle that cannot be circumnavigated.  It not, do exactly what your Yeah-but says you shouldn’t.  Go with the “Yeah” and move forward.  Stop with the Yeah and go for it.  Resist the limitation that follows the “but.”  Keep the “yeah” and kick the “but.”

If this feels overwhelming, the way is still unclear, you may need to address the issues that trigger Yeah-buts in the first place.  In the areas that you’re stuck, you’re probably feeling one of the Three F’s:  fatigued, forbidden or fearful. 

Nix the impossibilities.  Live your life with all of the possibilities that are yours.  Embrace the “YEAH” and ditch the “but.”

Believe In Yourself,

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