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You Are In Charge of YOU!

If you are where you want to be in your life, good for you!  Keep going!  However, if you want something different or more for your life, go for it.  Remember that YOU are in charge.  You do not “have to” repeat yesterday’s habits.  Make new choices today.  Take charge.  You are the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of your life.  Make small, repeated changes in your thoughts, your habits, your actions, and ultimately, your destiny.  You can do it! 

In talking with clients and members, I hear people tell me they “have to” go to work, run errands, answer the phone, or do some other task.  What they usually mean is that some responsibility they’ve agreed to fulfill “must” be taken care of.  I understand that. I have those myself.  There are things we choose to do to avoid consequences and have certain things in our lives.  Paying taxes, washing clothes, grocery shopping, are all choices and compromises we make in our lives.  We agree to certain things.  We have responsibilities.  We’ve learned that to get ahead in our lives there are things that are best to do.  In the daily routine of life, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Think of them as choices and not be the victim of “have to’s” driving your life. 

In the core of who you are and how you live your life, your choices DO matter.  In fact, your choices make all the difference in the world.   Be true to yourself always.

Your life belongs to you, and what you do with it is your greatest responsibility.  I have a daily reminder that is in my journaling software program that pops up when I turn on my computer.  It says “Today, I am in charge.  I choose my thoughts.  I choose my attitudes.  I choose my actions.  I choose myself and to live my best life.”

Life is like steering a luxury cruise ship.  Sudden changes can throw you and the ship off balance.  Thankfully, life rarely requires big changes or u-turns.  Small, safe, easy changes result in success.  Just repeat daily, as needed. 

Your life belongs to you.  Only you can decide how you will life it.  Your life is a “do it yourself, work in progress” type of project.  Make sure you create and choose the life you truly want.  Live your life purpose from the inside out.

Believe In Yourself,

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