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Your Battery Power

How many holiday gifts required batteries?  Toys, electronics, it seems as though everything needs batteries…..even us!

Batteries not included.  That’s the disclaimer that most items carry letting us know that we are responsible for our own batteries and energy to operate the item.  That’s a great description of our lives.  We must create our own energy, our own momentum, our own drive within ourselves.  We have to power our own dreams and lives.  We are responsible and accountable for our own power.  You take your plans and make them happen.  We can’t wait for someone else to lift you up and take you where you want to go or do it for you.  It won’t happen.  Besides, you want to do it on your OWN power.  You need to supply your own batteries whether for your gadgets and toys or your life.

As we know, there are battery rechargers to keep our batteries fresh and reusable.  Just like in our lives.  We can recharge our personal batteries and our own energy by engaging in certain activities that regenerate us.  We can also recharge from people in our lives such as our family, friends, or life coach.  Certain people in your life can assist in the regenerating recharging of your batteries.  

When I feel my inner batteries are in red and I need a recharge, I go outside.  I take a walk and enjoy the little wow things I see that I’d miss if I were driving in a car.  The other day, a lady bug landed on my hand and stayed there for a long time.  Listening to a motivational speaker that I value and respect is another way that I charge my battery.  Sitting on the deck watching the birds talking with my sons about their day is an instant boost of energy to my inner battery. 

What healthy ways do you use to keep your battery fresh and charged? 

Believe In Yourself,

1 Comment

  1. Well just got back from re-charging my battery at the gym. Sometimes I need a jump start to get out of bed. I’m thankful for the inner energy in me.

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