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Your Zone…Step Out Of It

What’s the size of your comfort zone?  Your comfort zone is the place that you hang out within yourself.  Your behavior, attitudes, risk-factor and thoughts are in your comfort zone.  The more you spend outside of your comfort zone, the more comfortable and familiar it feels.  Plan on feeling uncomfortable temporarily.  Turn your comfort zone up a notch or two.  Before long, your comfort zone has expanded, and your possibilities for change have grown along with it.

To move forward in your life, you must be willing to be persistent and go beyond what is familiar and comfortable.  It can feel frightening and possibly overwhelming at first, but it pays to persist.  Watch toddlers learn to walk.  At first, it is new and uncomfortable with lots of tip-overs and falls.  With persistence, they walk and proceed to run.  The same applies to us.  Why crawl when you can walk and run just by expanding your comfort zone?  What was once new and intimidating can become positive exhilarating.  You’ll wonder why you ever hesitated.

On a regular basis, take a step out of your comfortable and familiar zone of comfort.  What you discover and achieve will astound you.  Go for it!!  

Believe In Yourself,

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