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A Jewel Among The Junk

I was cleaning out a drawer today.  How can so much junk find itself into a single drawer?  Amid the junk and organizing the things to keep, I found a jewel.  Not a huge diamond or ruby jewel but a jewel nonetheless.  I found a bracelet I’d received as a gift years ago.  It was one of those things that I’d put it away in a safe place.  I liked it so much and didn’t want it to get scratched, so I tucked it away.  I’d looked for it throughout the past months wondering where it was.  I took comfort in the fact that I knew it was “somewhere” but still couldn’t find it.  Today was the day.  I found it!

The bracelet was given to me by someone very special at a time in my life that I needed a boost.  It made such a huge difference to me.  It was actually a turning point in my life.    Today I get to find it and it is meaningful to me how I found it, where I found it, and that I found it when I did.  I am wearing it today and will be wearing it regularly.  It now occupies it’s own special small jewelry box in the shape of a heart.  It simply states “Believe In Yourself.”  I share that same statement with you as my friends and clients.

Believe In Yourself,

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