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Balance Yourself: Live Your Life, Feel Your Heart

Live your life with integrity.  You may talk a good talk but are you walking the walk?  Do you live your life as you would if your loved ones were watching you.  Living with integrity means you really are who you appear to be.  How you live your life is reflected in your promises, what you say, your commitments, values, beliefs, and if what you say and do are congruent.  When you live from the place inside yourself that reflects your values, you have inner peace and happiness that fuels your heart and soul.

You are not a victim of external circumstances.  You are so much stronger than anything that can happen to you.  Are you allow present circumstances to control you or are you making things happen?  It isn’t what happens to you but what you do with it and how you think about it.  Let go of emotional baggage because all it does is weigh you down emotionally and physically.  Literally, physically weighs us down because those are the things that we turn to food to suppress.  Treat yourself with respect.  Your attitude, how you think, feel, and act mirrors how you feel about yourself.  Treat yourself as well as you would a loved one and your own best friend.  After all, you are your own best friend!

Balance Yourself:  Live your life – believe in yourself.  To thine own self be true-William Shakespeare.

All the best,

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