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Discover What Works For You…Tune In

One of the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off is to discover what works for you.  What’s why organized diet programs and diet plans don’t work.  They don’t allow for you to personalize it to you.  Discover what works for you and you’ll be on the road to weight loss success.  How exciting to be able to create a plan just for you.

Along with listening what the many experts say about proper nutrition, you can practice listening to and observing your own body.  You’re the expert on you and your body, right? 

Rather than stay away from a certain food only because it is “bad” for you, make the decision for yourself that your body doesn’t feel good after eating it or it triggers compulsive overeating or it simply doesn’t fit into your goal to lose weight.  Do you tend to eat this food item to alter your mood or emotions?  Do you feel lethargic an hour later?  Don’t follow what the experts say just because you think they know best.  Answering these questions can help you make the decision for yourself than just following the experts’ opinions. 

Listen to your body and notice what the actual effects of certain foods have on our body.   When we tune in to the feedback our bodies constantly offer us, we gain the insight that makes for long-term changes in our eating habits and attain our weight loss goals. 

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