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Eating At Nighttime

Instead of munching out in front of the television, keep your hands busy and your thinking clear by picking up an engaging hobby such as knitting, scrapbooking, or doing the daily crossword puzzle.  An even better idea?  Get in your exercise for the day.  Walk on your treadmill, ride a stationary bike, yoga, free weights, or some stretching.  Anything that gets you moving instead of eating is a healthy, smart choice.

Evening eating many times is merely a habit.  Think about it:  Where do you do most of your evening snacking?  Chances are it is in front of the television while you’re vegging on the couch or your favorite chair.  Even if you’ve just eaten and not hungry, force of habit combined with tempting treats or snacks, combined with enticing food commercials can trigger your appetite.

Just as habits can be started, habits can also be broken.  Pay attention to your nighttime eating.  Become involved with a hobby or exercise to create a new healthy habit….and ditch the couch potato habit.

Believe In Yourself,

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