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Exercise As A Lifestyle

You don’t need to purchase expensive in-home exercise equipment or an expensive gym membership to lose weight and maintain your health.  Forget the Spandex and expensive fitness toys and remember these lifestyle exercise tips:

* Ride a bike or walk to the convenience store in your neighborhood to pick up that forgotten item from your grocery shopping.

* Walk up and down the stairs of your office building or department store.

* Start golfing and skip the cart to gain real exercise while having fun.

* Take a nature hike instead of watching television or a movie eating popcorn.

* Do you regularly meet a friend for coffee?  Get in your chat while walking together rather than sitting spending money on coffee.

* During your breaks at work, don’t sit in the break room – get out and move.  Take a short walk, use the stairs for a quick workout.

* Get a pedometer and count your steps.  Make it a game to build on your steps each day.  For optimum health, 10,000 steps per day is the goal.  See how close you can get to 10,000 or, better yet, how many steps you can get in over and above the 10,000 recommendation.

As little as 20 minutes of exercise per day can reduce some psychological distress.  Any form of activity from gardening to sports is helpful but sports are best at enhancing mood.  The more activity you get, the greater your mental well-being.  Our bodies are designed to move.  That’s why it feels so good to exercise and be active.

The hardest part is the pre-activity time.  When we are exercising and after, we feel great!  As you contemplate whether to exercise or not, reflect back on the times that you’ve exercised and how great it feels.  JUST DO IT and you’ll be glad you did for the rest of the day.

There are so many benefits to exercising yet for many people, it is not a part of their life or mindset.  If exercise were a drug, you’d never be able to get it as it would be on a constant back-order.

Exercise is more than going to the gym.  Exercise and fitness is a lifestyle of activity and enjoying moving.  Fitness is fun!  You can’t have a bad day when you’ve exercised!!!

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach

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