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From Funk To A Friend

There are times that I get in a funk.  Yesterday was a day that was so bad with things building up one after another to the point that I was glad when the day was over.  I went to bed thinking that today would be a new day and I’d feel better.  Nope!  The funk continued – Day #2.

It is days like today where the fight or flight (to the kitchen) kicks in.  I coach myself, just like I coach my clients, regarding talking myself through the challenging situation and accompanying feelings.  Also, I reached out to a friend.  My friend made all the difference.

The next time you are in a funk, reach out.  No food to get out of a funk…talk to a friend.  It works!

To my friend…..Thanks!

Believe In Yourself,

1 Comment

  1. I was told a long time ago I was kinda of funky. You can use me as a friend. jimmy

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