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Goals for 2008

It is hard to believe it is 2009!  Do you have your goals written down from the beginning of this year?  How did you do in 2008? Perform your own “year in review” to see how you did.  Congratulate yourself for those that you did and make a plan to carry over those that you fell short.

If there are any goals you want to carry over into 2009, start now.  No need to wait until Monday or even the first of next month.  Take charge and create your plan of action now.  Get the wheels in motion by taking action.

What works for me is checking in daily and weekly to see where I’m at on the goals that I say are important to me. This way an entire month doesn’t slip past me without any steps towards my goal.


I only write down the goals I really want. Otherwise I know I won’t make the effort and sacrifices needed to get there. It’s not easy to set goals and keep at it when there isn’t “instant gratification”  So, my advice, is to only set goals you are really excited about.  Do you see yourself achieving them?  Don’t make them a wish list but a true goal that you know you can work toward and achieve.  What are the feelings you want to achieve when you reach your goal?  Keep those positive feelings in mind when working daily on the steps to attain your goals.

Goals help me stay motivated. I know many of you refuse to believe the POWER in setting goals, but it really does work. If I never set goals I would have quit this exercise stuff a long time ago. It’s not like the weight falls off of me. So, if I was doing this exercise stuff to lose weight, it would have lost its luster after about a month, maybe two. But, with FITNESS GOALS written down, it’s much easier for me to crawl out of bed.

Goals can extend beyond weight loss.  Develop goals for all aspects of your life, so weight loss and exercise are not your only focus. There’s a whole world of opportunities out there for us to pursue.

Remember none of this is done overnight. Take it one step at a time. Just don’t give up. When you’re having a really awful day, REACH OUT to somebody else than reach for an unhealthy food choice.  On the other side, you’ll be glad you reached out in a healthy non-food way. It’s guaranteed to make you feel better long-term.

Your action item for today – Take an assessment of your goals from 2008.  Celebrate those you achieved or made progress on; revisit with an action plan for those you want to carry over into 2009.  Make a detailed plan of action as to how you can reach your goals for 2009.  Do it today.  There’s really no magic in January 1st.  Today is your day.  In fact, every day is your day.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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