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Happy Healthy Halloween

It is that time of year – the leaves are turning brilliant colors, the air is crisp, and the bags of those cute little Halloween candies line the aisles of practically every store you go to. Have you ever purchased your Halloween candy and the bags are empty by October 31? Have you raided your kids’ bags of candy after they’ve gone to bed? You can have your own set of tricks to avoid the buffet of Halloween treats. Develop your own bag of WLS tricks for a lifetime of long-lasting treats.


1. What are some of your favorite candies? Those are the ones that you don’t buy. When you purchase your Halloween candy, select the ones that are not your favorites. Get candies that are not triggers for you. Another option is to purchase sugar free gum.

2. Procrastination can be a great tool when it comes to Halloween candy. Purchase your candy on October 31st so it isn’t available until the evening kids are ringing your doorbell.

3. Would you like to avoid the issue of gum or candy entirely? Give small toys, stickers, mini boxes of raisins, fruit roll ups, mini juice boxes, or cracker and cheese packs. Halloween doesn’t have to be a free for all of the consumption of sugar and fat.

4. Get rolls of coins and give coins as treats.

5. Host your own form of Halloween trick-or-treating by having a party. Rather than chance the introduction of sugary treats in your house, invite your own trick-or-treat guests to partake of healthy party treats that you provide.

6. Get in some extra steps of exercise by taking the kids out for trick-or-treating. Enjoy the excitement and fun that kids have going from house to house.

7. In years past, has your tradition been to raid the kids’ trick-or-treat bags after the kids have gone to bed? Solve that problem by allowing the kids to select their favorite candy and giving away the rest of their stash. If necessary, put the kids’ treat bags in the trunk of your car!

8. Do you want to avoid waking up the day after Halloween to bags full of candy? Package up the candy to take to work for co-workers to enjoy or drop off in the teachers’ workroom at the kids’ school.

9. Set a date for a Halloween candy-free zone for your home. Store the candy in a airtight container that you put out of sight…out of mind….and do not enter! You could also establish a date from a few days to a week that any Halloween candy will be thrown out. Remember, throwing out excess candy isn’t necessarily considered waste since it isn’t put on your waist.

10. Are the Halloween treats too much to navigate? A treat for you might be to eliminate the problem by going out. Go out to a nice healthy dinner and a movie.

11. Put the freeze on candy. Place candy in airtight bags and store in the freezer. Allow the kids to take out servings directly from the freezer to enjoy. This strategy can minimize consuming multiple servings.

12. Don’t deprive yourself. Indulging in candy is depriving yourself of weight loss and maintaining your health. Don’t practice deprivation of your healthy lifestyle in exchange for digging into bags of Halloween candy. It truly isn’t worth it!

13. Do not fool yourself that those little candy bars don’t count. They do! Let’s count what is in those little sugar and fat, calorie-laden bombs. Keep in mind that all these calories add up to virtually nothing nutritionally, and mostly sugar and fat:

Butterfinger (1 snack size): 100 calories

Milky Way (1 snack size): 90 calories

Almond Joy (1 snack size): 90 calories

Three Musketeers (2 fun size): 140 calories

Hershey Kisses (quantity of 8): 190 calories

Hershey Almond bar (1 snack size): 100 calories

M&M (plain, fun size 1 pack): 100 calories

Snickers (1 fun size): 85 calories

Whoppers (1 snack size): 100 calories

Kit Kat (1 snack size): 120 calories

Halloween can be a preview of coming attractions – the holidays of November and December. Start your holiday season off healthfully. Create the precedent for the holidays by making healthy choices and habits starting with Halloween. Kick off your holidays with Halloween treats of healthy choices by following your own set of WLS tricks.

Have a Happy Healthy Halloween!

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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