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Prepare for a Fine 2009

I hope you’ve had a wonderful and healthy 2008! The year is brand new – have a fine 2009.  What you’ve got right now from the goals you created at the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008 is what you’ve got.  Reflect back, did it work out the way you hoped?  Did the goals, dreams, plans, hopes and expectations you had for the year come true? I hope so!

If 2008 has been a great year, congratulations!!!  Yeah you!  All I ask is that you take notes.  Journal and write down the “recipe!” How did you stay on track?  Who assisted you?  What problems did you overcome? What is your recipe for an even better year in 2009? Take notes and make a plan!

On the other hand, 2008 is over and if you are not where you wanted to be, I hope you will also take notes. Where did you go off track or astray? What problems were unanticipated? What didn’t work the way you hoped? Learn from these things so you can “do it different” in 2009!

And as you review the year, please note the following paradox: For many people the economy has little to do with whether or not they had a wonderful year! If the things you can control–your time, your effort, your focus, your daily activities–were on track but the stock market crashed, or even if you lost your home or your job, 2008 might still have been a banner year! True, no one would enjoy the “bad” things, but if you worked hard and stayed on track, kept focused on your healthy lifestyle habits, give yourself credit for what you did right!

If you did your part, know deep in your heart that you have everything you need to put the “externals” back together. If you “built it” once, you can build it again, smarter and faster and better than ever. In other words, if you lost weight once and have regained some, you can do it again.  You’ll do it smart, learned the lessons from regaining weight and experience a phenomenal level of success from relosing your regain.

But I also want to address those who look at the calendar and have to honestly admit, “my recipe isn’t working.” If you look at the year and in your personal opinion (the only one that matters) you can’t give yourself high marks for performance, persistence, creativity and (most of all) results, please have the courage to ask, “Why not?”

Here are a few of the most common weaknesses that hold people back:

1. Lack of clarity. Many people muddle their way through the days and their life.  They have a set of fantasies or hopes or wishes, perhaps some images or expectations in their mind, but they never truly define their outcomes in advance. If this is you, take time to finally DECIDE exactly what you want. Write it down. Tell other people. Make the commitment and go get it.

2. Lack of focus. Some people are clear about what they want, but they are not focused or undisciplined, fearful or distracted and never “own” their outcomes. They lose focus and spend their energies on too many other things and never focus their time, effort, creativity and emotion on “going for it.” If you are clear about WHAT you want, focus on GETTING IT.

3. Poor strategy. Some people never develop specific, effective plans to get what they want. They want to lose regained weight but don’t develop a plan.  They talk about it but don’t move forward with a plan of action.  They want the results from losing the regained weight, but don’t devise a plan with concrete action steps to get there.  Make a plan and then “work your plan.” until you get there.

The new year is here.  It will be filled with opportunities to live better and smarter than ever before. Take time to think clearly, take notes and make changes. Notice what did you right, and write it down. Determine to continue your best activities in the new year. But be honest about your weaknesses, your mistakes, your “blind spots” or “speed bumps” that were obstacles along the way.  Write them down as well. Take notes and wherever necessary, make changes.

Don’t make resolutions but do make a plan.  A plan of action that will carry you into 2009 making it fine and you can say 2009 is MINE.  Think how awesome you’ll feel when this time next year you reflect on the past year, your plan of action you created now and all of your successes.  Happy Healthy New You!

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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