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Recreational Eating

Some foods are more calorie-dense than others, however, no food will make you gain weight unless you eat too much of it.  With emotional or recreational eating, we eat (or keep eating) beyond our body’s physical hunger simply because food is there and it tastes good.  At the holidays, food is a “social thing” which can add to the stress causing more emotional eating.

To avoid recreational eating, consciously make the choice to eat a couple of bites or a small portion of your favorite holiday food that you really want.  Eat it slowly and savor every bite.  When you’re finished, put a mint or stick of gum in your mouth, get a tall glass of water and sip on it throughout the rest of the event.  Position yourself away from the table or food trays to keep yourself from overeating.  If you’re at home, brush your teeth after eating your savored food.

Focus on the event, your family, your friends, and not the food.

Believe In Yourself,

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