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New Beginnings, A Fresh Start – Spring Into Action!

I love Spring.  I love the transitional seasons of Spring and Fall.  Spring represents new beginnings, a fresh start, growth of color and beauty.  Nature comes alive bringing that feeling of new life into each of us.

The change of season from Winter when it seems as though nothing is going on yet so much is.  Winter is the inside of trees, underneath the earth to bring us Spring.  The ending of Winter signals to us what Spring has in store for us if we allow Spring to bring us into action.

The days are longer and there is plenty of light to fill us with energy and inspiration.  This is also a great time for you to Spring into action.  You can evaluate your own life and make a game plan.  Some people make a game plan on December 31st but so unnecessary.  Make a game plan today so you too can Spring into action.

What do you want to get rid of…….excess or regained weight, emotional baggage, clutter, bad habits into new habits, unhealthy relationships, medications, etc.)?  What do you want to accomplish this year?  Set a goal to complete a 5k run/walk, make new friends, increase your job satisfaction or change careers, take a class, anything and everything!  This Spring is a new start for you and your health/life plan so you will start it in the Spring, continue to grow in the Summer and be your lifestyle in the Fall in all its beauty and brilliance – just like you!!

Seasons change just as we change.  Refocus on your nutrition, exercise, self-improvement and personal growth, and self-awareness.  Want to create some new beginnings and clear out the past that is ready to go?  Here’s a few ideas to help you do just that:

Eat a range of color.  Just as flowers are full of color, so are our foods.  Eat the greens, salads, whole grains, vegetables with a variety of color and delicious, juicy summer fruits.  Combine with your favorite proteins and an adequate intake of dairy (calcium).  Avoid anything fried, swimming in butter, fats and oil, processed foods.

Start or continue a routine that will work with your lifestyle, ability level and schedule.  Nature grows and so do you this season in your exercise and activity.  As you look for opportunities to be more active, you’ll want to do more.  It feels great to spring into action with your exercise and activity levels.

Regularly set time for yourself to reflect and check in with your emotions, insights and awareness in your life.  Self-nurturing is great and necessary to be at your best and happiest.  Let go of stresses as they are done with you and, most importantly, you don’t need them and have outgrown them as well.  You are the only one that can control how you respond to situations and people that cause you stress.

Give your life a spring cleaning.  Clean your house, cleanse your mind and body with healthy thoughts, feed your body nutritious foods.  You need new room to grow in your life.  Your time is NOW.

Use Spring as a time of regenerating your life, recommit to your healthy habits and lifestyle that empowers you in all aspects of your life.  Who needs January 1st when you can give yourself a new beginning anytime including now – Springtime.

Your life is an opportunity to bloom and grow!

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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