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Top 10 Qualities of a Confident Person

One of the many side effects of being overweight is lack of confidence.  Having confidence in yourself and the fact that you are not a victim but a victor in your life brings it own rewards.  Here’s the top 10 qualities of a confident person.

10.  A confident person smiles and expresses emotion freely.

9.  A confident person shares their thoughts and opinions without apology, asking permission or including a self-depreciating remark.

8.  A confident person walks with their head held high, not trying to hide or appear to be small or invisible.

7.  A confident person dresses to compliment their body, regardless of weight or body type.

6.  A confident person calls something wrong (such as an inappropriate comment) when it is wrong.

5.  A confident person asks for and receives money for the work they do, regardless of what it is. 

4.  A confident person respects themself and sets up a system for others to respect them by setting personal boundaries.

3.  A confident person treats their body well, participates in some form of physical activity to keep healthy and strong.

2.  A confident person strives for balance in their life…not putting all of their self-esteem eggs in one basket, but rather in multiple baskets.

1.  A confident person understands that perfect is impossible but excellence is a manageable, yet still challenging goal to strive for and succeed.

Believe In Yourself,

1 Comment

  1. I absolutely love these qualities. I am going to put this one on my fridge. When I’m doing well and feeling well, I do walk with my head held high and a smile on my face to where a perfect stranger will ask what I’m thinking about?


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