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Top 10 Ways To Regain Weight After Weight Loss Surgery

It is possible to regain weight after having weight loss surgery.  Here’s the Top 10 reasons how to do it:

10.  Don’t exercise. 
9.    Don’t bother drinking water.
8.    Drink alcohol, soda and fruit juice.
7.    Graze either all day long or for long periods of time throughout the day.
6.    Eat mostly carbs in your meal, especially sugary, refined carbs.
5.    Ignore taking your vitamins or take them whenever convenient and if you remember.
4.    Protein first?  Eat protein after you eat your mostly carb-heavy meals only if there’s room.
3.    Don’t bother keeping a food and exercise journal.
2.    Don’t get support either by a support group, online support, or your own weight loss coach.

And the number 1 way…….

1. Thinking you are cured, your surgery will do all the work in maintaining your weight loss, and never have to be concerned about emotional eating or food issues ever again.

Believe In Yourself,

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