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Treat Your Body Better Than Your Car

Of all the equipment or machines you will ever use, there is none more important or requiring more careful maintenance than your own body.  Your body is miraculous yet you must treat it with care and proper maintenance.  Would you drive your car without oil, good tires, and regular maintenance and expect to obtain high performance?  Your body is one machine that, at least for now, you cannot trade in for a newer model if it should fail and break down.

How much time do you spend taking care of your body?  How much maintenance do you give to it in the form of healthy nutrition and adequate exercise?  How careful are you to fill your body’s tank with the right, high quality fuel and keep out contaminants that will make it break down?  Do you let your body operate regularly with exercise, activity, or movement?

Take as good of care of your body with high quality fuel and regular exercise as you would any other valued possession such as your car.  The way to enjoy your life and live to the fullest is to take care of your body.

Believe In Yourself,

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