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What You Are Made Of

For many of us, you don’t know what you are made of until your comfort zone is challenged.  When things are going our way, it is pretty easy to stick to our normal diet and activity routine.  However, sometimes life happens and derails our best intentions.  It is usually the little annoying things that can hijack our comfort zone and normal routine.  People in your life are irritating, work doesn’t go as you’d like – at the end of the day you reflect on all you’ve done yet still have so much to do.  All we can count on to be there is our own inner strength.  This, however, does not equal perfection.  These low points are opportunities to learn what we’re capable of when we refuse to be knocked down and turn to a cookie or bag of chips.  Overcoming life’s irritations and imperfections without the crutch, numbing effect of emotional eating makes us stronger.  It shows that we can trust ourselves.

I would never break a promise that I made.  As I tell my sons – “A promise is a promise” which means if you make a promise, you come through.  It is an interesting insight that I make my promises so sacred and come through for others yet I can so easily let go a promise that I make to myself such as staying on track!!!

I just thought of this today.  I am going to keep a promise to the most important person that I make a promise to – ME!  I can really count on my own inner strength.  I am going to use the low points that inevitably come along as opportunities to show myself what I am made of.  I may be knocked down but I am NOT going to be knocked down for long.  The saying comes to mind, something like “fall down seven times, get up eight!”  I might not be able to choose my low points, difficulties or challenges but I can choose how I deal with them.  I have the internal power to face whatever comes my way and deal with it in a healthful way.  I trust and believe in myself, and from there my best will be there.  When I wonder to myself “What you are made of is (fill-in-the-blank),” I want to answer with strong characteristics and not fall for a crabby boss, unrealistic demands or my teenage son’s mood of the day.  I am MORE THAN any and all of those things.  Ask yourself what you are made of and make sure that the answer makes you feel awesome about yourself!  Believe in yourself.

I’m not made up of being a victim to my circumstances; I am much more than that!!

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