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What’s the big deal about exercise?

Whether you call it exercise, movement, activity, or being physical, our bodies are meant to move and be active.  Our bodies are miraculous vehicles with high performance engines.  In addition to using high quality fuel (good nutrition), cars and bodies are meant to be used.  If you park your car in the garage, you may not chip the paint but the belts, internal equipment, and engine will break down by non-use.  If you park your body on the couch, you will feel tired, run down, and will internally break down by non-use as well. 

Okay, okay, we hear all the time how important exercise is.  Want proof of what you actually get when you exercise and what it does for you?  Check it out…………

1.  Lose weight.
2.  Maintain your weight.
3.  Tone and firm your body.
4.  Increase muscle mass.
5.  Burn more calories.
6.  Boost your metabolism.
7.  Increase your endurance.
8.  Strengthen your heart muscles.
9.  Reduce tension and enable you to handle stress better.
10. Lift your spirits.
11. Increase your self-esteem and sense of well-being.
12. Make you less susceptible to sickness and disease.
13. Improve your complexion.
14. Helps to prevent constipation.
15. Improve the quality of your sleep.
16. Clears your mind by increasing blood flow to your brain and make you more alert.
17. Assist in preventing depression.
18. Elevates beta endorphin levels in blood.
19. Causes your muscles to use oxygen more efficiently thus easing your heart’s workload.
20. Assists in relieving melopausal symptoms.
21. Relieves tension headaches.
22. Reduces back problems by strengthening core, stomach, and lower back muscles.
23. Reduces neck and shoulder pain.
24. Aids your digestive system.
25. Purifies and cleanses your blood.
26. Ease menstrual cramps.
27. Reduces varicose veins.
28. Decreases rate of premature aginging.
29. Increases your flexibility.
30. Reduces addictive cravings and urges.
31. Decrease LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol.
32. Allows you to feel more optimistic, positive, and overall strong physically and mentally.
33. Relieve hypertension.
34. Improves your posture and general appearance.
35. Decrease chronic fatigue.
36. Increase physical strength.
37. Improve circulation.
38. Stimulate processes of absorption and elimination.
39. To cause bone marrow to increase production of red and white blood cells and increase blood volume.
40. Assist in regulation of appetite.
41. Provides protection against injury.
42. Improves balance and coordination.
43. Increase bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis.
44. Lower Body Mass Index (BMI), your fat to height ratio.
45. Increase sexual desire and performance.
46. Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke.
47. Reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.
48. Increases insulin sensitivity, prevents Type 2 diabetes.
49. Reduce your level of anxiety.
50. Restores confidence, relaxation, and overall mood.

Think of exercise as your adult, grown-up time to play.  Children don’t need to be reminded to play.  They look forward to their play time.  Adopt the attitude of children and consider exercise as your time to play, to be with yourself.

For an investment of your time for 30 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week, look at all of the benefits you can obtain just by exercising.  With all of this to gain, exercise is an excellent investment into you, your long-term health and happiness! 

All the best,

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