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Cookie Cutter Weight Loss Plans

I have a friend that is going to Weight Watchers and experiencing great weight loss success.  I am so happy and proud of her.  The program of Weight Watchers works for her which is great.  However, what if it didn’t?  

One of the reasons I believe that diet programs don’t have a high percentage of long-term maintenance is because they consider everyone the same.  For long term weight loss success and maintenance, you need to incorporate habits that work best for YOU.  What works for your friend might not work for you.  Actually, it probably won’t.  We are all different and unique with different and unique likes, needs, and wants.  We aren’t cookie cutters of each other so why would we expect to be successful at a cookie cutter weight loss program? 

I have a client that doesn’t eat breakfast.  She doesn’t like to eat breakfast.  Her body doesn’t function at its optimum unless she eats later in the morning.  The literature and research would tell her that she is wrong and that she needs to follow their information and recommendations. 

You can open up diet books, nutrition manuals, and cookbooks that will give you their opinion as reflected in their program.  It might work for you and it might not.  If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean you are a failure.  It means that the program has failed YOU.  You need to design a program that is right for you.  You can create a program that is just right for you.  You might be able to achieve success by finding a diet program that matches you.  You could work with me as your own personal weight loss coach to develop a plan that includes your likes and needs.

You are the boss and authority of your body, health, and nutrition.  As long as you follow a healthy program of eating and activity, get an annual physical exam, have normal lab test results, take high quality vitamins daily, listen to your body.  Your body talks to you.  It will tell you what it wants and needs.  All we need to do is listen. 

All the best,

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